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27 ottobre 2018
08 dicembre 2018
  • The talented DJ, Singer, Songwriter and Producer, Virginia has been deeply involved in electronic music for over a decade. Growing up in Munich, the energetic and dedicated artist quickly found her feet in music. Her career kick-started in the late 90s thanks to a wave of early hit singles, and she soon began to tour as a DJ, discovering a real passion for life in front of the crowd.

    A world-wind of live shows and international Djing ensued, with Virginia finding many a follower, thanks to residencies like the cult club Flokati, Tobi Neumann’s famous house heaven, or her longstanding nights at Sven Väth´s Cocoon club in Frankfurt, which ran for over 3 years. Inspired by the warm and analog tracks of the 80s and 90s, her DJ sets combine this sound with modern records in an exciting fusion, layered with spontaneous live vocals adding a unique third dimension. With a careful mixture of peaks and also moments of reduction, she commands attention in her hybrid DJ / Live performances.

    Her song-writing and production projects continued to grace the charts and hold her in great respect in the scene. Her full length album, ‘Twisted Mind’, was released in 2008 on Rough Trade, co-produced with Eye- Q Records’ Steve B-Zet; a wonderfully musical cross-over album that found its way into Film and TV airplay. The album was a positive blend of electro-pop, a project which saw Virginia touring live on stage with a 5-piece band.

    Viriginia co-wrote a wealth of productions and guest appearances, alongside the likes of Steve Bug, Butch, Abe Duque and most recently with Panorama Bar resident Steffi, on her album ‘Yours & Mine’. Beginning with a vocal-led collaboration, ‘Reasons’, on Jus Ed’s acclaimed label Underground Quality in Oct 2010, they have since gone on to produce some very exciting results. Steffi’s album focuses two tracks around Virginia’s vocals which she feels really reflect her true musical direction – the tracks ‘Yours’, a rousing hit in the making, and the touching ‘You Own My Mind’ (both released on Berlin’s Ostgut Ton in Feb 2011).

    Virginia’s rich, colourful and vibrant voice has brought a golden touch to her widespread and highly respected release catalogue, and she continues to collaborate with some of electronic music’s key players. Always developing her own production skills, she is currently working on her first solo productions which will are due in spring 2012.


    – Tom Novy vs. Eniac “Someday Somehow”, Kosmo Records, KOS018, 1.June 1998

    – Tom Novy feat. Virginia “Smoke Dis”, Kosmo Records, KOS030, 30.November 1998

    – Tom Novy feat. Virginia ” I Rock”, Kosmo Records, KOS036 1999

    – Tom Novy feat. Virginia “Minha Vida”, Kosmo Records, KOS 2012, 2000

    – Steve Bug feat. Virginia Nascimento “All I Need”, Pokerflat Recordings, PFR025, 1.July 2002

    – Shik Stylko & Virginia “Feels so right”, Progcity Deep, PCDMS002, 4.March 2004

    – Various Artists Revelations VOl. 1, Virginia Nascimento   ” Easily”, Big City Beats, LC09294, 2.August 2008

    – Marc Poppcke & Virginia „See My Eyes” Darkroom Dubs, DRD003D, 12.May 2009

    – Abe Duque & Virginia „ Following My Heart” ADR 63,      18. May 2009

    – Butch & Virginia „From Above” Area Remote,AREA009,  1.November 2009

    – Steve Bug & Virginia „ Trust in Me” Pokerflat, PFR LP 24, 17.June 2009

    – Solar & Poppcke and Virginia “Our Days”, Plastic City,  PLAC066-2, 24.June 2009

    – Virginia “Dysfunctional Love”, Circle Compilation on Flash Recordings, 30.June 2009

    – Pier Bucci feat. Virginia “Salsacanaca Remix” for Guiseppe Cennamo “Canadian Salsa”, Monique Speciale, moniquesp02, 1.December 2009

    – Steve Bug Collaboratory The Remixes Vol.2, Steve Bug & Virginia „ Trust in Me” Remix by John Daly, Pokerflat, PFR109B, 11.December 2009

    – Butch & Virginia “Mass Appeal”, Area Remote, AREA017, 31.January 2010

    – Butch & Virginia “Free”, Area Remote, AREA017, 31.January 2010

    – Abe Duque feat. Virginia “BumbleBee” Abe Duque Records, ABUSE 948 765, 30. August 2010

    – Steffi “Reasons” vocals by Virginia, Underground Quality, UQ034, 1.November 2010

    – Steffi “Yours feat. Virginia “, Ostgut Ton, OSTGUTLP08, 12.February 2011

    – Steffi “You own my mind feat. Virginia”, Ostgut Ton, OSTGUTLP08, 12.February 2011

    – Steffi  Remixes, “Yours feat. Virginia” Staffan Lindberg Remix, Ostgut Ton, O-TON48, 7.June 2011

    – Steffi Remixes “You own my mind feat. Virginia” Analogue Cops Remix, Ostgut Ton, O-TON48, 7.June 2011

    – Third Side & Virginia “Shit On Me” Remixes – Restoration – 04/2013

    – Virginia “Loch and Hill” – O-Ton 69 – 04/2013

    – Third Side feat. Virginia “Shit on Me” (Unified Fields LP) – Restoration LP001 – 04/2013

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