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Raiders of the Lost Arp


> Al momento non sono previste date per questo artista

> Al momento non sono previste date per questo artista



    Raiders of the lost ARP is Mario Pierro (known as one half of Mat101 and Jollymusic) solo project. 
His professional career started in 1996 when he met Marco Passarani from Nature records and together they decided to start a series of projects: releases, radio-show and organization of parties. 
At the beginning the first musical project was called MAT101 and it was realized with Francesco de Bellis (aka Francisco) and   Emiliano Tortora who lately decided to split from the band. They’ve released an album and a couple of singles that helped them to become popular in the electronic underground movement. So far they’ve collected many live performances, many tracks on compilations and remixes using the name MAT101. After 3 years MAT101 decided to start another project called JOLLY MUSIC: While MAT101 is more electro oriented, JOLLY MUSIC is more into psychedelic disco and electroacoustic soul. The first track came out on a FINALFRONTIER 12″ sampler with tracks from the rest of the NATURE RECORDS crew and it did get the attention of the most respected underground crews. Then a couple of singles came out in order to anticipate the full lenght album called Jolly Bar. 
As soon as the album came out the reaction from the press was very strong: from England to Italy, from Japan to Germany the specialized magazine where shouting like one of the most original record of the year. After a short while Nature records licensed this album to Sony UK, and even if the end of the story was pretty sad, with the major label not releasing the album, the duo had the chance to experience a great adventure working with some very talented singers (such as Erlend Oye from Kings of Convenience and Sonya Madden from Echobelly) and producers (such as Steve Dub of Chemical Brothers and New Order fame). In the while the Jolly guys have been touring for promotion some clubs in the UK (The End, Heaven, the Bugged out nights in Manchester and Glasgow) and they’ve added two big names in the remix field of their bio: Jamiroquai (accepted by the artist, but never released by the label) and Garbage.

When you talk about Mario’s solo projects, it’s impossible not to notice his love for soul, funk and jazz: that’s exactly the flavour you get in Mario’s electro-techno. Infact if you try to describe his music you have to imagine a quite and relaxed electro-techno beats mixed up with some strings where the chords are typically jazzy and soulful, and the bassline is clearly p-funk inspired. That’s why the name of most of his releases is “Funk series” like the one out on Pigna and Plasmek. Right after the release of his first solo album, quoted by many magazines in the UK (such as Jockey Slut, NME, Dj Mag etc), in Germany (DE:Bug, Groove etc), there are many fans of his sound that has been often defined as night drive techno music.

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