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10 marzo 2018


agente: Andrea Angelini

  • Khalab’s journey is one with no continuity – from the most ancestral tribes to the unexplored cosmos; from the black jungle to the skyscrapers; from the remotest subconscious to the furthest and real projection of future Africa.
    His first work is EUNOTO EP, released for Black Acre Records – a Bristol-based independent label which, in the last few years, has launched headliners and outstanding protagonists such as Romare and Clap Clap.
    Khalab’s collaboration with Clap Clap on various tracks, now being part of the latest works of both artists, has consolidated this duo as one of the most interesting on an international scale for what concerns afrofuturism.

    At the same time, DJ Khalab has brought forward a four-handed work with the Malian griot Baba Sissoko. Dj Khalab and Baba Sissoko have started a prolific collaboration leading them both to the creation of a record for the New Yorker label Whonderweel records.
    The central theme of this album, simply called Khalab and Baba, is the merging of two cultures through Khalab’s afrofuturistic electronic music and the tradition of Sissoko’s Malian music and is obtaining worldwide recognition. BBC, Radio Nova, MPR, Okayafrica, Bandcamp, Vice, I_D_UK, TraxmagFrance, are just some of the international media that have inserted this record among the best of 2015. Khalab has had the support of DJs from all over the world including Gilles Peterson who has rewarded them at the worldwide awards with the Best Track Of The Year award; Laurent Garnier; Trevor Jackson; Addison Groove and Mattew Dear who has included one of their tracks in his DJ Kicks for K7!
    In 2015 Khalab was engaged by Ninja Tune for an hour of mix at the legendary Solid Steel and for this occasion he created a beat tape that was then released in the form of a “tape” for Black Acre.
    At the moment, he is working on his new album due in March 2018 and on the postproduction of his project with Tuareg musicians made in the refugee camp of Mberra in the middle of the desert on the boarder with Mali.

    Dj Khalab’s new album will be released in springtime for the “On The Corner Records”.The album is created by using as starting point the field recordings archive of the Royal Museum for Central Africa of Bruxelles. From about a year’s work of research, selection and music samples the first ideas just came out and were developed together with a group of musicians, who contributed to the new album: Shabaka Hutchings, Moses Boyd, Tamar “the collocutor” Osborn, the master Gabin Dabyre, Teenesha The Wordsmith, Tommaso Cappellato and Prince Buju.
    The elements that gave life to a unique work of its kind are a more traditional sound of the black Africa, the evolutions of the African-American music (in particular jazz music) and the research into the electronic field with a gloomy, shamanic and at the same time groovy sound. Khalab continues his research towards new ways by maintaining the focus on a very personal sound, which made him one of the most aware interpreter of his genre.