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> Al momento non sono previste date per questo artista


Dexter co-owns Klakson records alongside label partner Steffi
Live performance is a mix between electro disco funk acid & techno.. released and unreleased material. Never the same. Dexter started dj-ing because he could’nt breakdance.

Friends off his older sister used to have a breakdance crew and were the dutch champions back in the 80`s.
He used to go along to their battles and practice sessions, but to watch the DJ.
He couldn’t afford the price their DJ was asking for mix tapes…. so he stole them during their practice sessions, copied them and returned them sneakily. He studied them; obsessed by this music they called “space”… Electro.
At the age of 12 he got his first turntable and drove his parents insane with hours of scratch sessions.

A year later was his first dj gig at a school party, he terrorized the 13 years old kids with his scratching techniques. On his 14th birthday he was given the famous Casio SK1 sampler, with 1.5 sec sample time, from his parents. This was soon followed by the Boss Dr. Rhythm digital DR-220 … his first production set up. 
He had also begun dj-ing in local hip-hop crews, and very soon started producing their beats. 
It wasn’t long before he sold his equipment to buy a bigger drum machine and started to produce for several MC-and crews.

His studio set up slowly increased with the addition of his first professional sampler: the Emu Emax 1 and producing started to get more serious. At that time house had started to get more popular, but it didn’t appeal to him until a friend played him more underground music, especially acid. 
He started to send out demo’s to record labels but they were only interested in hearing house, this was around 87/88 and the peak of the acid house scene.
Through his hip hop background and the influence of the acid house sounds he had been introduced to he recorded a hip-house track. After visiting the famous Dutch label Lower East Side Records he released his first track on vinyl called “Sound So Good” under his own name, Remy Verheijen.

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